It Is Well CD

Latest Release! It Is Well Unabridged (v 1.1)
des·per·ate  pronuciation  [des-per-it, -prit]
–adjective: having an urgent need, desire..

I never intended to be a worship leader. I guess you could say I stumbled into it on a short-term mission trip overseas when the scheduled worship leader missed his flight and I was all they had. In that moment, desperation converged into destiny as I strummed a borrowed guitar in a foreign land.
I’ll never forget that night. We were so hungry for God’s presence, and as we sang, we experienced a taste of “every tribe and every tongue” gathered around God’s throne. Though this mission trip would conclude a few days later, the desperation for God’s presence and worship leading continues.
Still borrowing guitars and longing for His Presence, I invited a handful of wonderful and equally desperate friends to join me in the studio. We rolled some tape, asked God to meet us in our worship, and the result of this special time is my latest project, “It is Well.”

Track List:

  • Our Only Hope
  • Christ Our Victory
  • O Come Be Born Again
  • How Beautiful is the Lord
  • It is Well
  • Lord Bless Jerusalem
  • Let Your Kingdom come
  • Lullaby for God’s People (instrumental)
  • Let the Morning Bring Word

Daughters of God CD

Daughters of God

They followed our Lord, too: To the cross, to the tomb. They found the tomb empty and became the first to tell the world the Good News. Daughters of God is an groundbreaking collection that celebrates the faith and community of women — from Rebecca, Elizabeth and Mary to the believers of today.

Daughters of God is a collaboration of many talented women composers and performers, including Wendy Andino, Sarah Hart, Nellie Cruz, Jessica Alles-Smith, Janèt Sullivan Whitaker, Jennifer Martin, Rebecca Harper, Susan HooKong-Taylor, and others.

The 14 original songs address — in personal and poetic ways — relationship with God, faith, motherhood, childbirth, prayer and the search for vocation.

Though it speaks primarily to women, both men and women will enjoy this upbeat, contemporary music that explores the spiritual journey common to all Christians.

This CD can be purchased at Spirit and Song: Daughters of God

Near and Far

Near and Far

Produced by Michael Demus. This has a little bit of everything: Story songs about the ocean and my grandmother; praise songs written in the wee hours of the morning; a Christmas song (“O Come Be Born Again”) that my publishing company, Worshiptogether/EMI has taken a shine too, and SO MUCH MORE.

You Are Worthy

You Are Worthy

Produced by Michael Demus, this acoustic-electric, praise and worship record was a favorite with CCM magazine and youth all over Western and Eastern Europe.  About this project Jennifer shares, “While it doesn’t represent the whole of my craft, it definitely represents the heart of it.” Picked up by EMI-CMG publishing, the song “Glory To You” has been released in Worship Together songbooks, CDs and DVDs, and she’s told, a hymnal somewhere!

By The Waves

By The Waves

A folk, story-song record still making waves, this Indy release produced by Michael Tyrrell received national and international acclaim with songs rippling through radio stations as far away as Brussels, Belgium and Bologna, Italy.  Chosen as one of Performing Songwriter’s “Top 12” independent releases for 1996, Neil Fagan writes, “the title track of this CD describes a woman walking by the ocean buoyed by her belief that mercy must be as steady as the tied.”

The Lame Can Dance

Inspired by Jennifer’s friend Jillian Heil and recorded in just two days at “Chris and Heather’s,” The Lame Can Dance is a homespun, rough, straight from the heart collection of original guitar and piano vocals produced by Chris Thom and prepared in a flash for a concert at L’Arche in Toronto. As the title cut reveals, this is a project of strength in weakness, beauty for ashes.

Out On A Limb

Out of Print – originally available on Cassette

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